Le Château des Aventuriers

A visit to the Castle of Adventurers in Avrillé

Discover one of the best amusement parks in the Vendée: Le Château des aventuriers.

Take on the role of Sherlock Holmes for a moment and solve the investigation of Master Fichu’s murder. This new addition in 2020 entitled “Investigation in the castle” is an interactive journey in augmented reality which is an opportunity for a family to work together.

Your children will imagine they are ghost hunters on the “Haunted House” course. The mission? To challenge the ghosts in each room to escape. Logic and speed will be the key words – will you take up the challenge?

Can you imagine yourself as a pirate adventurer? The “Pirate’s Treasure” course will allow you to solve several riddles in order to recover clues… Precious clues that will allow you to discover the famous treasure of Captain Blackbeard! So, are you coming on board?

Be completely immersed in the prehistoric era. Virtual reality and mapping will allow you to experience the “From Dinos to Prehistory” tour.

You’ll find all the information you need on the Le Château des aventuriers website.